About CHAS Accreditation & Why GPS Decorators Joined The Scheme

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GPS Decorators Limited are a family ran painting and decorating company founded in 2002. Based in Billingham, our customers are predominantly across Teesside and the North East of England covering a range of commercial and domestic projects. As we continue to grow, our commercial work is taking us further afield with decorating projects throughout the UK.

We always strive for perfection in everything we do. It made sense that we would want to verify our work with professional accreditation where it was available.

Along with attention to detail on all of our decorating projects, it’s always very important for us to offer the highest levels of safety and security for our clients.

That’s where joining the CHAS approval scheme was a good next step for us.


What CHAS Means

CHAS stands for ‘Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme’. It was created in 1997 to improve health and safety standards across the UK.


The Accreditation Process

Our safety policies and processes went through rigorous examination by a CHAS assessor. They also had to be satisfied that we kept full and concise records. We are happy to report that we passed with flying colours and this allows us to use the CHAS logo on our letterheads, livery, promotional materials and website. We also have a hard copy certificate that we can show when we are in the procurement process for commercial contracts.

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Why We Felt It Was Important To Be Part Of The CHAS Scheme

It’s important for GPS Decorators to gain accreditation wherever we can. We think it’s a valuable trust signal to all our existing and potential clients. We believe in investing in our team and our business. It’s important to stand out wherever you can and if we already adhere to stringent codes of conduct and processes then it makes sense for us to strive for that next level of service.

“Our decorators have been capable of delivering big projects for quite some time.  However, to enable us to tender regularly for commercial contracts we need to prove that our health and safety policies are adhered to and fit for purpose. The CHAS Accreditation shows that we are competent company to whole of the UK , for both commercial and public sector work , as this is an area that we are looking to grow our business.” Graham Porter, Director.


When we bid for future jobs it will also help in the bid process. Many companies only work with contractors that are CHAS registered. Requesting CHAS certifications can save time, as a company with CHAS accreditation will already adhere to many requirements the company has, certainly in terms of Health and Safety.

We are looking forward to working with CHAS and making the most of all the information and benefits available.

Please get in touch if you would like to speak to us about a commercial decorating project.

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