Dust Free Sanding

Dust Free Sanding Process

A high-quality finish is only achieved with thorough preparation. Sanding is an essential part of this preparation process but hand sanding alone can be a messy procedure (as demonstrated in our video below).  We all know painting and decorating can leave fine dust particles on fixtures and fittings. But what if we told you decorating doesn’t have to leave you with endless cleaning up after?

At GPS Decorators Limited, we take the dust and hassle out of sanding by using electric sanders with dust extraction units attached. This effectively means, sanding with a specialised vacuum to remove dust as it’s produced.  As a result, the sanding process is 90% dust free. Consequently, less mess is produced and it is a safer environment for our team of decorators and customers.

Dust Free Sanding of Walls and Ceilings

We at GPS Decorators Limited, use the award winning Mirka Deros orbital sander for sanding walls and ceilings.  The electrical sander is fitted with an abrasive mesh pad (Mirka’s Abranet abrasive pad), containing thousands of small holes. This mesh pad allows the vacuum to suck the dust through the mesh allowing for optimal dust collection. As the dust produced is quickly vacuumed away, the abrasive grains of the pad are able to smooth the surface more effectively. The result is a uniformly sanded wall/ceiling and a perfectly smooth surface to paint upon.

Different surfaces require different levels of sanding. For this reason, we use a range of Abranet abrasive pads to allow for fine and extra fine sanding.

The compact design of the electrical sander enables us reach awkward places ensuring complete coverage.

Dust Free Sanding of Woodwork

Our Mirka Deros sanders have the ability to finely sand woodwork producing a smooth surface to paint that is second to none. The portability of the electrical sanders allows us to use them for a variety of woodwork including exterior facia and soffits along with all interior work.

A trend we are seeing becoming increasingly popular, is the sanding back of the stairway handrail. Our orbital sanders are able to remove old paint with ease. Taking the handrail back to bare wood, whilst keeping the spindles bright white brings a contemporary feel to the stairway.

Wallpapered stairway Stockton on Tees

Advantages of Dust Free sanding

  • Quicker – takes less time than conventional hand sanding
  • Cleaner – no more cleaning fine dust particles from all nooks and crannies after decorators have been!
  • Healthier – by collecting dust in the attached vacuum the fine particles are not released to be inhaled. Great benefit for employees and customers alike, especially those with asthma or other breathing conditions.

Want to know more about our dust free sanding process?

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